On a mission towards FI


the frugal surfer blog 01Image: Taken by Zelia with a 35mm film camera. Silas at the foot of Mooiberge in Stellenboch, South Africa 2012

So we have finally decided to take the plunge, for real this time. My wife and I are at a place in our lives right now where we can focus on our goals and execute them without all the noise that your standard millennial lifestyle brings. We recently moved back to Hawaii, and are now living off grid somewhere. We will embark on this journey in a beautiful tiny house that we recently built together. I have a good job, my wife is working on hers, our rent is extremely low ($500 a month) and, we are tired of making up excuses.

I started this blog for the same purpose that most FIRE folks (Financial Independence Retiring Early) do. I want to help people that are in the same situation we are. I will try the techniques that I’ve learned from countless hours of reading other early retirement blogs and listening to podcasts over the course of almost 4 years now. I want to have a place to journal this journey, and by doing so, it will hold us accountable for our actions. I also have not seen any other bloggers in our current situation. I am a tradesman, a journeyman carpenter to be exact, and my wife is trying to start a small Organic & all natural cleaning business, I could join in with. We would like to walk away from it after it has grown enough.

From what I can tell, we are in a pretty unique situation because of our career positions and not having any kids… yet. My pay is decent ($70,000 a year before taxes). But usually, employers aren’t sprucing their packages up with profit sharing, 401k matching, paying for education, etc. I’ve been lucky to find a few companies that give bonuses, but for the most part, we tradesman are on our own in that regard. And as of right now April 2017, my wife has one client with a very low income of $184 a month. But every bit helps, right! Fortunately for us our studies in the past have been paid off and neither of us has any large loans to pay back.

We, like normal people have expenses and hobbies we would like to continue feeding while on this journey to FI. To talk about a couple of them, the largest ones are: Food, it is our number one. Fueling our bodies and minds with the right things make a huge difference on a daily basis and for our future health. We aim for grass fed, non GMO, free range and organic 90% of the time (our grocery bill a month is currently at $900 , we hope to cut this cost with the garden my wife has started a month ago). As well as Crossfit memberships ($300 pm for the both of us). Yes, it is an addiction but a really positive one I promise. Why keep it? It has improved both my wife and myself physically and mentally, we love the community, the benefits of exercising and for the good old reason of lifting heavy shit. And then there is surfing and hiking, but that comes with the territory. We are blessed to live in this paradise and chose it basically for those reasons. We still want to enjoy our journey to becoming FI.  So, by not giving up the things we love doing that is beneficial for us in the long term and is important to us and cutting out other unnecessary things, that is short term like eating out, splurging on gadgets and last minute “grabs” (not thinking hard enough about the purchase) will make this journey a breeze.

Our plan, as it stands currently, is to save a minimum of $2000 a month. That is half my paycheck. Which we have proven in the past that this can be done and we are doing it currently to pay off a small amount of credit card debt that we accrued from moving back to Hawaii, starting our life here and building a tiny house for the past two months. Giving this saving rate, it will roughly take us 13 years to reach our goal of FI, reaching the age of 44 years young for the both of us!

We are glad to have you here on this journey with us! PARTY WAVE!

It begins

the frugal surfer blog 04Image: Taken by Zelia with a 35mm film camera, Silas staring at mountains on top of a mountain somewhere ion Oahu, Hawaii 2016

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